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Hiring me

If you think you might be interested in hiring me for a job - large or small - the first step is just to  get in contact. Let me know what it is you are interested in. I will get back to you with some ideas of how we could approach your work and what it might cost. All quotes are free and you're under no obligation to go any further.

Most work is usually priced by the hour or day, but I can work to fixed or capped prices too. I am flexible enough to work within your budget, whatever it is.


Benefits I can offer you as a freelancer

Value: My lower overheads mean more for your money

I work from home with no office rent or administrative staff to pay. These savings enable me to compete more efficiently and to consistently offer more value for money. You also don't pay any VAT (sales tax) because I am below the tax threshold.

Centralisation: You work directly with just one person who understands the whole project

You will have just one point of contact for the whole project – me. No time and money is wasted through company communications and mis-communications. You get to deal one-on-one with the actual person doing the work and I respond to your wishes directly.

Advice: You can use me as an independent consultant

You will get the benefit of my ten years experience in I.T. I am able to advise on any issue you require. I have no secondary products to push or hidden agendas. You will always get unbiased, helpful advice, wherever I am able to offer it.

Flexibility: I can be more flexible for you

With no corporate rules, targets to meet or bosses to please, I can afford to be completely flexible in my approach to your work. Anything and everything can be up for negotiation and I will always do my best to accommodate your needs.

Service: Your satisfaction is my reputation and livelihood

Every piece of work I do reflects my reputation as a developer and in a very real sense my future livelihood. I really enjoy my work and want you to too. 


How I look after my clients

I work swiftly and efficiently and always bill my time honestly. I only charge you for actual minutes spent programming at my PC.  You don't pay for my time spent on research, discussing the project, phone calls, emails, invoicing, hunting for files or tea breaks!

I look after all my clients very well, always taking the time to understand their needs and discuss options. I often help past clients for free when they come back with tech support questions or problems.

My experience in programming, sys-admin and the Web means I can complete work in much less time that it might take someone less experienced (and still do a better job!)  It's all about knowing exactly where to go to address a particular issue. You shouldn't ever be paying someone for trial-and-error. When comparing me with other contractors, please consider the full cost not just hourly rates - cheap isn't always cheaper!


To proceed with an enquiry about hiring me, please visit my contact page and request that I call or email you.